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Tom Rodden - Success Partner

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Tom has 40 years experience in Business and Education and is passionate about helping business owners develop the potential of their business skills.

Tom has a proven record of helping business owners improve the profitability of their business, while at the same time educating them in a range of business disciplines. The ultimate aim is to have the business owner working on the business and preparing for an exit or succession sometime in the future.

Having owned and sold a number of family businesses, Tom understands the commitment and owner must undertake and the range of management skills required. Tom has worked with a range of business owners, including award winners, helping them to become more profitable and saleable.

With his education background Tom brings experience in research and an ability to apply findings to a business situation. He is adept at finding and solving problems and also brings a wide experience base of people management, having spear-headed organisations with over 50 staff. He enjoys working with business owners who wish to develop themselves and their staff both personally and strategically.

Tom and his wife currently live in New Plymouth, commonly known as Taradise, having also lived and worked in a diverse range of communities in New Zealand. He loves the fact you can climb the mountain (Taranaki) and swim or surf in the sea in one day. He has climbed a number of mountainsincluding Taranaki Maunga and Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. He has travelled extensively, loves cricket, rugby, cycling and other sports and enjoys the performing arts.

Tom believes that being in business can provide a profitable and enjoyable lifestyle for the family and looks forward to realising the profit in your business.