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Now you can have business growth without the financing hassles or staffing issues.

Welcome to New Zealand's 27 Billion Dollar Industry.

Franchising your business as an expansion method can far outweigh traditional methods of growth for many industries.

This is one of the many reasons New Zealander business owners love franchising, as the capital risk for them is removed. Having said that, a popular question we get asked is this:

Will I lose control of my business?

And here's the answer. The biggest misconception in franchising is the belief that the business owner is giving up control of their business and their brand, when it's actually the opposite. A business owner will have far more control over their brand and how the business is run with franchisees than they would with employees.

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of "stickability" in the world with franchisees staying on average 8 years. If you are looking to grow your business and keep full control over the process, franchising is definitely something to consider.

Franchising is booming in New Zealand, and while others are succeeding by working with experienced franchise consultants, many other business owners are missing out.

Are you missing out on the franchise boom? Speak with one of our consultants today and see if we can help. Sure you could open some branches and achieve growth that way, however the issue with the traditional method of expansion is it requires employing managers and staff along with financing it yourself.

In talking with our business owners we hear that finding good people for their new branches with the same levels of passion for the business and the same work ethic as them is very "challenging".
Staffing issues can often be one of the main reasons they look to us to franchise their business. There are many advantages to franchising your business and a lot have to do with less hassles for you.

A franchised business model is completely scalable which means passionate people just like you will help grow your brand and profits, while you stay in control of the process.

If you are looking for a hassle free way to grow your business then franchising may be for you. Reach out to one of our specialists below for a no obligation chat.

In the meantime, here's an informative video with our franchising specialist Tereza Murray.

Watch our short video above which will answer a lot of questions about franchising. For example, a common question is:
Q: What are the misconceptions about franchising?
A: The biggest misconception is business owners believe that they're giving up control of their business and their brand, and it's actually the opposite. They will have far more control over their brand and how the business is run with franchisees than they would with employees.

This and many more frequently asked questions answered in the video above.

Our Franchise packages are some of the most cost effective and robust in New Zealand, and with Business Success Partners you get the added benefit of working with an expert, experienced business advisor free for the first 6 months.

Also, in speaking with franchised business owners another major benefit is they have all increased the value of their businesses with minimal expenditure and minimal hassles.

If you think your business is franchisable or just want to have a chat about it, reach out below today.

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