Garth Anderson - Success Partner

Garth's pathway to becoming a Business Success Partner consultant included over 20 years' experience managing businesses in the role of General Manager or Business Unit Manager in medium sized businesses (20+ staff). In addition, for 5 years Garth owned and managed his own business while living overseas.

In these roles, Garth had profit and loss responsibility and grew both revenue and profits. Through these roles, Garth gained experience in acquisitions, new product development and integration, marketing programmes, exporting, international business, staff management, financial management, sales management and delivering operational performance. Garth also understands, through his small business ownership, the challenges of business ownership and management.

Garth has lived the value of Strategy directing the longterm performance and defining the goals for business managers. He believes in the value of a focus on ensuring the right structure, systems and people are in place to ensure customer expectations are met. Excellent internal processes, combined with measurement of outcomes, will ensure a strong business platform upon which successful business growth can flourish.

Naturally intuitive, Garth quickly grasps opportunities and challenges facing the business and financial success. Living by his motto of "let's make it happen", he will assist you to move your business from good to great. By utilising these skills and combining them with the systems and tools of Business Success Partners, Garth is excited to work with SMEs and watch the positive results flow.

With a strong interest in understanding and growing people and their capabilities, Garth can assist you and your staff to better performance. If you wish to unleash your business's potential, increase the value of your business and provide yourself with more time for family, friends and those activities you love, give Garth a call, together you will make it happen.