Jonathan McWatt - Success Partner

Based at the top of the south, Jonathan has worked in both the North and South Islands. He has international and local experience in marketing, and a commercial background with multinationals, including Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Rishworth Aviation.

With a strong knowledge and appreciation for the digital environment, Jonathan has led and managed major projects to attract new clients and build customer loyalty, whilst increasing revenues and maximising profitability.

Jonathan holds a first-class Masters in Commerce, specialising in marketing and international business, and also holds an accounting degree – a formidable skill set that has enabled him to be analytical and rely on data to make well informed calculated decisions, with the key objectives of increasing business value, revenues and profitability.

A pragmatic and constructive thinker, Jonathan has an empathetic ear, always willing to see things through the eyes of others, while offering an outside perspective and loyal support throughout. Jonathan is well connected with his own trusted support network with which he can draw and continually learn from.

Jonathan is someone you can rely on. A trusted advocate for your business who will motivate you and together transform your business to be a sustainable, profitable and highly valued business.

Jonathan is a compassionate father of two with a dry sense of humour and an unhealthy fondness for growing citrus trees and spending hours in the vegetable garden.