Rob Dorey - Director
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Rob has been managing business transformations as a Senior Executive for the past 30 years. Projects are across a wide range of Industries – forestry operations, biotechnology, aquaculture, niche stationery and most recently, dairy animal feed. Rob has been in New Zealand for 18 years with senior operating experience in both British Columbia and New Zealand.

Rob is known professionally as a successful general manager. Rob co-leads the Business Success Partners' practice and as a lead Business Consultant. The main offering is the Business Success Programme – working with Business Owners long term to improve profit, growth and value of the business. Rob also specialises in working with Business Owners long term to transition their business to succession or sale. B2B market experience spans in Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia.

Rob has demonstrated the value of getting clarity on organisational issues/opportunities, creating personal and organisational focus and then delivering results. Rob's philosophy is that it is critical to support the improvement programme with a belief that "you cannot manage what you cannot measure". With good measures, it becomes joyously obvious when the team is moving towards a goal or painfully obvious when meeting resistance or barriers.

Working through the process is a great management and leadership development exercise for the people and delivers real wealth creation for the Owners. Many businesses have surprisingly large locked-in potential to offer the Owners a great deal more than they currently earn. At BSP we have the diagnostic tools and the experience to assist business Owners to understand and unlock this potential. As a Business Success Partner, Rob gets excited about improving business performance and in effect, changing business Owners' lives!

Rob and wife Ann have been together over 35 years and have raised four wonderful children. They are now entering the grandparent phase and with that comes more family excitement. Rob is very active in triathlon – progressing from literally learning to swim 5 years ago to take up the sport to representing New Zealand at the World Age Group Championships in Chicago USA in 2015.

The Business Success Programme starts with a FREE, comprehensive Business Assessment. Give Rob a call on 0274 159 695 or drop an email to to discuss your path to a new, more profitable tomorrow.

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