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How to Increase Business Value
and Prepare for
Sale or Succession

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Most business owners do a great job in establishing and building their business but are disappointed when it comes time to reaping the rewards! Don't receive a fraction of what your business is actually worth, or see your business's legacy destroyed through lack of preparation and planning upon new ownership.

This guide on Exit & Succession planning will help you to prepare your business for a successful transition. It will also help you to address critical personal goals and business factors that should be tied into the process.

How to Prepare
Fast, Stunning, and Comprehensive
Business Plans

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The success of your business venture starts with an informed and robust business plan. Written in collaboration with our partners at Maus Software, this e-book covers the planning, creation, and presentation of a business plan.

Through putting your business's strengths, weaknesses, objectives and finances together in an easy to digest format, you will have a better idea of where your business is now and where it is going.

How to Conduct
Fast, Effective and Rewarding
Performance Reviews

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A performance review is a major part of the performance management process. It is a method by which an employee’s job performance is evaluated in terms of quantity, quality, cost, and time, by a manager or supervisor. A performance review is the process of obtaining, analysing, and recording information about the relative worth of an employee to the organisation.

This eBook walks explains the role of a good performance review and how to hold one, different types of reviews, a handy checklist on what should be in a performance review, legal considerations and much more.

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